Social Dialogue and CSR in the Sugar Sector

An interactive Practical Guide to access to the structural funds for the European sugar industry has been produced with the help of the Observatoire Social Européen and the financial support of the European Commission.

This Guide was officially presented to the Commission in the framework of the committee of sectoral social dialogue for sugar, on 28th February 2006.

It allows a quick selection of the useful and necessary information on the possibilities of access to the structural funds according to :

This tool indicates the existing possibilities within the EU budgetary perspectives (2000-2006) existing at the time and anticipated possible actions within the next budgetary perspectives (2007-2013). It also lists, case by case, the different administrations which should be contacted. Additionally it refers to Community “initiatives” of the “Leader+” or “Interreg” type which can make it possible to complete the financing of a project.

The Guide thus makes it possible – without getting lost in the maze of overabundant information – to compile a dossier factory by factory comprising:

On the basis of this relevant information, the next step for companies is to discuss their situation with the national authorities and demonstrate the justification for each request and, if appropriate, to convince the administration to modify the current priorities.

Access to the Guide.